The house

This luxury dwelling was successively occupied by important Nyons families, of whom Craponne du Villard (before 1847), Tardieu (1847), Ripert (1883), Martin (1885), Abbé Nicollet (1894), Guillaume (1927), Taxil (1952) and Kälberer (1991).

The house is steeped in history. Beautiful hand-written letters dating from October 1789, to which we had access, prove that it existed before that date.

The spirit of this building charmed us on our first visit, arousing strong feelings of love, which must have been felt by the former owners over the centuries. And this is what will continue to transmit!

Nyons, Drôme Provençale

In the calm, narrow and authentic rue des Bas-Bourgs, you will find the main entrance to the building. It is through there that you will discover the impressive staircase and the fully restored grotto that offers an original access to the sunny garden.

You can also access from the garden by taking the dyke by the river Eygues, from where you will arrive at a truly green setting with pool and secluded corners for relaxing.

Here all your senses will be awakened:
– your sense of smell intoxicated by the perfume of lavender and linden
– your sight charmed by the rows of vines and olive groves
– your taste buds savouring regional products
– your ears transported by the music of the rippling water of the Eygues
– your sense of touch feeling the sun’s warm rays and the wind’s cool breeze

« Love is the key to everything »

The dwelling, whose origins, confirmed by letters dating from October 1789, go back to before the 18th century, still has its mysteries that we like to untangle over the years.

The house has been used in different ways over the centuries: a shop selling silk products, an abbé’s house, etc. Answers have not been found to many questions; were the grottos used to store olive oil? Nothing is certain. Magical!

Despite the darkness in the basement, we immediately saw the potential for the grottos which we have had fully renovated. Today, reorganised and restored, it is open to our guests. A wine cellar and a dining room with lounge area have been installed, with, in particular, a refrigerator and bar. From the hall, a passageway was created to make it easy to pass between the cellars and garden.

Our private quarters are on the ground floor. However, our guests have the privilege of taking the original, magnificent staircase to their apartment. Upon crossing the threshold into the entrance hall, everyone feels the soul of the house. Welcome to our home!

The south-facing garden and pool, are greatly appreciated for their coolness on sunny days especially in the summer. The Dyke (Digue) or the river Eygues can be reached by crossing the garden.

We take advantage of certain summer evenings to enjoy with our guests a dinner outside prepared by us. This is an occasion to discover regional products, preferably organic. This applies to both the dishes and the wines.

Free parking is available 50 metres from the house or we can propose our private enclosed car park some 150 metres away.

The Eygues Valley is particularly pleasant for walks and cycling. Several trails allow you to admire the mountains, vineyards and olive groves. For the more energetic, we will be delighted to suggest circuits or help you plan, using books, maps and brochures, your own itineraries.

During your stay with us, we would also like to introduce you to the different meanings of the French word “sens” (“sense” in English) for example:
- common sense: good sense and sound judgement in practical matters, for which we, the Dutch, are known.
- The sense of an expression: interpretation/meaning of an expression. A language is beautiful enriched with expressions.
- To give sense to one’s life: the meaning of life, the basis of our existence.
- The sense of direction: to know roughly where one is or which way to go. We have chosen to make any stay here delightful: in every sense, for every sense and in every direction. This is most certainly possible in the area around our guest house for there is always something to do, see and enjoy whatever direction you take.

« Wisdom brings happiness to everyone »

After living in France for many years, we have now found a balance between the way of thinking and practical efficiency of the Dutch, and the ability to enjoy life here and now like the French.

For more than ten years, we were the owners of a property with three bedrooms and 7 holiday cottages in the heart of the unspoilt nature of Condorcet.

In 2018 we packed our bags and moved to a century-old bourgeois house in Nyons. In this superb dwelling characteristic of the region, located in the old centre of Nyons on the banks of the river Eygues, just below the historical Roman Bridge (Pont Romain) we welcome our guests just as we always did in previous years. Friendliness, warmth and discretion are the key words to describe the welcome we reserve for guests.

All the senses are pampered here and the name we gave our guest house is linked to this: Maison de Maître Des-Sens (Master-of-the-Senses House). And in the words of the famous writer from Nyons, René Barjavel: "The only difference between Nyons and Paradise is that in Nyons we are very much alive”

Christon & Nannette

Nanette et Christon Brouwer